////////////////////////Body Building /// past present future

Part 0: The Body Building project began in 2010, with occasional and gradual formation of certain organs and body parts.In eight years, I had gathered: Uterus; Head; Heart; Spine; and various items suggesting a body totality. from 2010 sketchbook: 'suddenly, I want to build a body'
Body Parts in Suitcase Part I: Body Building [[Phases 1-8]] 2018-2020 /// In earnest, I began identifying the Gaps in my Body and seeking out the missing parts. Part Formation rituals took place in Public Parks (Monroe County) to facilitate a Public, "out" body.
Part II: [[Thesis]] 2021/// MFA Thesis was the process of bringing all new and old parts together in an installation and over three nights of durational performance, literally Body Building as scientist and surgeon. Body Building Performance
The Body Tiffany her Eyes in Doctor's Hands Part III: Body Building [[Present and Future] /// The Body remains incomplete. Additions, improvements, complications pending.

Mary Lewandowski