Behold this tale borne of the Book of Revelation ~ a chaotic hallucinatory text ~ wrenched into narrative coherence & grim Spectacle ~ by the Bloody Noes and company.

The story of the Book of Revelation is the story of a dream, words spoken into the ear and visions come into flesh, and the seer John of Patmos who transcribes it all feverishly and faithfully.

Four fearsome angels stand on a sea of glass and portend nothing good.

The angels bow to God in the heavenly plane.

Who is God?

The omnipotent and vengeful master of the earth?

Or the intanglible holy of holies?

The angels stand at the boundary of Heaven ... God looks on with the Archangel Michael attending ... a Star-Crowned Woman comes forth.

The Woman gives birth.

But Lo! A Seven-Headed Beast sneaks in to snatch the Woman's baby right up.

The Archangel Michael and the four fearsome angels beat back the Seven-Headed Beast, and he falls to earth.

On earth, Humanity has been working overtime to crown the Whore of Babylon and realize Lewdness at an ultimate level.

The Seven-Headed Beast cast onto earth courts the Whore and frenzies Lewd Humanity ... the sactimonious angels looking down on Humanity become even more ominous.

The Lamb of God grimly arrives in Heaven.

A wretched Martyr ascends into Heaven and receives blessing.

The Archangel Michael shows John of Patmos the fate of Humanity ... John of Patmos is overwhelmed with grief.

Archangel Michael blows his terrible trumpet and casts the flame down to the earth, initiating the sequence of Humanity's tribulations.

The scroll of Seven Seals is brought forth. For every Seal broken a Vial is poured; for every Vial pored a new and great Calamity comes to earth.

A Star falls into Heaven and Archangel Michael passes her the Key.

The Star uses the Key to unleash the Locust upon Humanity, a terrifying beast with the face of woman, the hooves of a horse, and tail of a scorpion.

The next horrible Calamity are the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

The Four Horseman roundly trounce Humanity already beseiged with illness, with darkness, with poison.

Now there in Heaven appears the Great Angel, bearing a scroll most bitter for John of Patmos to eat whole.

The whole of Humanity's tribulations appears as thus:

In lasciviousness the Whore is crowned and the Beast is courted, and thereupon debris hails from the sky; the False Prophet appears and a frog comes from his Mouth and the rivers run Red with poison blood; the Horsemen decimate the weakened masses; finally the Locust comes to trample and defile the last of them.

With this last stroke Chaos finally descends and the Humanity is torn asunder in battle and death and terror and pain. Hail Apocalypse!

/// Cast for Book of Revelation 2011 & 2012 ///
John of Patmos ~ Ian Downey
Archangel Michael ~ Chris Veazey (2011) Bobby Maville (2012)
Lamb of God ~ Joel Dow
God ~ Masumi (2011) Holly Ferris (2012)
Eye Angel / Horseman ~ Brian Barrett
Eagle Angel / Horseman ~ Mary Lewandowski
Lion Angel / Horseman ~ Lindsey Downey (2011) Lori Bollman (2012)
Bull Angel / Horseman~ Amelia
Star-Crowned Woman ~ Amber McAlister (2011) Joey Pitts (2012)
Great Angel/Star ~ Amber McAlister (2011) Jenny Mariano (2012)
Beast ~ John Schoen (2011) Alicia Ainsworth (2012)
False Prophet ~ John Schoen (2012)
Locust ~ Rob Braden
Martyr ~ Libby Varno (2012)
Whore of Babylon ~ Shawnee Boyee (2011) Masumi (2012)
Narrator ~ Ed Downey
2011 Humanity ~ Joey Pitts / Lucas Jones / Katie Liebel / Josh Strauss
2012 Humanity - Anna / Matt Shackelford / Chuck Harrison / Mike Rae / Mike Rheinheimer

Produced by John Borek
photos by Annette Dragon

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