/// If Boys Wore the Skirts ///

John Borek's 60th birthday centered on a revival of this children's play that had made a big impression on him as a grade school student. A high school troupe did a straight staging of the original, a light-hearted gender role reinforcer by one Ann Coulter Martens. John gave our troupe carte blanche to follow up and reinterpret at will.

Our version anchored on a high-concept exploration of gender otherness, a world in which an individual's gender particularness was a clear and poetic genital object (in skirt format).

Please relive this show with us (as much as I remember) through Annette Dragon's excellent photography.

Introducing Maurice, a popcorn-enjoying audience member who just saw If Boys Wore the Skirts.

Watching plays can make you sooo sleepy ...

Announcer (Ian Downey) wakes Maurice into a dream and introduces the cast.

Natural Kid (Bobby Maville) is everyone's friend.

Clouds (Chris Reeg) is enigmatic and surprisingly strong.

Balloon Kid (Jeffrey Askins) is quiet and reserved (perhaps a bit sensitive).

Party Hats and Waterslides (Kameron Tea) is gregarious and almost too much fun.

Good morning friend.

The school day hasn't quite begun. Here are these two having fun.

Sometimes personalities collide over silly stuff.

Today Balloons has brought in a concerning Object.

Everyone is curious about this Object.

A sudden surprise!

Cut! The Director (Ted Forsyth) has some input.

Extra double cut! Here comes the Writer,
Ann Coulter Martens (Jenny Mariano) herself!

It is clear we have been doing it wrong.

The target of Ann Coulter Martens complaint?

Poor Balloons! They were already having a weird day...

Ann Coulter Martens has a solution! And that solution is ... Pants!

Ann Coulter Martens leads the group in bullying Balloons to wear the pants.

Balloons in pants.

Ann Coulter Martens has triumphed!

But not for long...

Welcome ... Yamanba the Mountain Hag! (Masumi)

Who is the mysterious new character?

Only Nature Kid can interpret their strange warblings.

They relay a message of peace,
that can only be found in one garment ... People Bag!

Everyone happily agrees to wear People Bag

Yamanba leads the solved cast offstage.

What a lovely cast !!!

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