/////////// Various Documentation or not ///

photo credit Emily Faith

American Dream
Fringe NOLA
Fringe Wilmington
House of Yes NYC
2009 & 2010

Vampire Night
Potential Life Studios

photo credit Joe Tunis

photo credit probably nuuj

Key Show
Visual Studies Workshop

Video Performance
& installation

still from LoopSpool (digital video)

photo credit Annette Dragon

Book of Revelation
MUCCC Theater
2011 & 2012

Rise of Frankenstein


photo credit Ted Forsyth

photo credit Chris Reeg

x Annual Santanalia Pageants
+ variety themed activities

International Noise Conference
2008 Bug Jar
2010 Dubland Underground
2013 VSW
2016 Bug Jar

photo credit r. nuuja 2013

photo credit Joe Tunis

Joe's 40th Birthday Show
Bug Jar

Pasta Puzzle (for Joel)
Mendon Ponds Park

image credit Adam Arritola

video still

Bob the Slug meets the
Bloody Noes

a videogame video
for "Games for Windows"

Bloody Noes Tenth Anniversary Seminar

photo credit nuuj

Experimenstrual Gorefest
Ellison Park

Magician & Famulus
Left of Center Stage
Flying Squirrel Community Center

photo credit Al Brundage

photo credit nilson carroll

Rochester Biennial
Gallery R & Visual Studies Workshop

Pope It Up
music video

still from "Pope It Up"

photo credit Method Machine

3 Head & 7 Faces
Method Lab Revue
Geva NextStage

Rochester Ritual
Performance Art Competition

image credit Chris Reeg

image credit r. nuuja

Lydia Lunch Show
Photo City Music Hall

Terror Prison
Flying Squirrel
brought to you by
BlattCo International

photo credit erm

photo credit r. nuuja

Spa Show
Bug Jar

Block Blessing
Whose Streets? Our Streets
Rochester Contemporary Art Center

photo credit pls let me know if you took this photo

image credit Tara Nelson

Waves & Beams
Liquor Store


photo credit erm

/////////// Bloody Noes Ephemera & Show Notes///

/////////// Bloody Noes the Resume ///

BN PERFS (Rochester NY unless otherwise noted) /// 2023 Corn King, Avon Corn Festival, Avon, NY /// They're Coming For Our Jobs (AI Show), MLK Jr. Memorial Park /// 2022 Burlesque Unwrap, Rochester Experimental Week, Spirit Room /// Pasta Puzzle (for Joel), Mendon Ponds /// Spa Day, Bug Jar /// 2021 Halloween Horror, Psychic Garden /// Teddy Bear Stuff (w/Joe Tunis), Joe+n, Court Street Bridge /// 2020 Games (for nilson), Small World Books /// 2019 Waves & Beams, Liquor Store /// Bloody Noes the Game (Video Installation), Swampbabes’ “Games for Windows”, Liquor Store /// LOOP SPOOL (Video), Broadcast on RCTV Public Access /// 2018 Tenth Anniversary Seminar, Visual Studies Workshop /// Space Opening Ceremony, Psychic Garden /// LOOP SPOOL World (Video Installation), “LOOPS”, Visual Studies Workshop /// 2017 Measures, Lydia Lunch Show, Photo City Music Hall /// 3 Heads & 7 Faces, Method Lab Revue, Geva NextStage /// Dada for Business, WAYO Play, WAYO FM Radio /// Origin Story, Horde House /// Parade, Rochester Biennial, Gallery R & Visual Studies Workshop /// Mind Control, Photo City Music Hall /// MEM Screening, Meddlesome Lab /// Economicus & Lawyer (Yule&Thule) meet Santa, Eastview Mall /// 2016 Nominations Process, Meddlesome Lab /// International Noise Conference, Bug Jar /// Necro-Wheel, Quintron Show, Bug Jar /// 9th Annual Santanalia Pageant [with friends], Visual Studies Workshop /// 2015 Bound, Finkbeiner House /// Easter Show, Skylark /// Santanalia (w/Joel Dow and John Gallo), MetalSome Art, Hungerford Building /// 2014 John W. Borek’s Hamlet, Multi-Use Community Cultural Center (MUCCC) /// Terror Prison [with friends], Flying Squirrel Community Center /// Officiants, Holcombe/Ackerman wedding /// MEM Screening, Fringe Festival, MUCCC /// 2013 Key Show, Performance Art Revue, Visual Studies Workshop /// Walking Thru the Graveyard, Left of Center Stage, Flying Squirrel Community Center /// The Opening, International Noise Conference, Visual Studies Workshop /// Pope It Up, Pope John the Last, MUCCC /// Santanalia Sales Event, Krampus Trade Show, MUCCC /// 2012 Magician & Famulus, Left of Center Stage, Flying Squirrel Community Center /// Popcorn & Glass, Upstate Noise Conference, Powdermill Park /// Block Blessing, Whose Streets? Our Streets, Rochester Contemporary Art Center /// Noise Band (w/City Harvest Black & Licker), Skylark /// Book of Revelation, Director/Writer/Performer, MUCCC /// Boy Band: BARF, (Performer with Ian, Joel, Brian, & Cameron), Carbon Records Anniversary Show, Monty’s Krown /// MBSNUT, “Whose Space? Our Space”, Rochester Contemporary Art Center /// 2011 Castration Fantasy, Experimenstrual Gorefest (Producer), Ellison Park /// Nikola Tesla Appreciation Show, Flying Squirrel /// Sandwich Salad (w/Handmade Orchestra), Village Gate /// Book of Revelation [with friends], MUCCC /// 4th Annual Santanalia Pageant [with friends], MUCCC & The Vault, Buffalo, NY /// 2010 Nun & Priest, Tunis Birthday Show, Bug Jar /// American Dream, MUCCC /// International Noise Conference, Dubland Underground /// Left of Center Stage, Flying Squirrel Community Center /// Calling Owls, Dow Family Farm /// 3rd Annual Santanalia Pageant [with friends], MUCCC /// Uterus Face the Musical [with friends], Flying Squirrel Community Center; Halloween Warehouse /// 2009 Vampire Night, Potential Life Studios /// Easter Show, Princess Palace /// Hypnotism Hip Hop, Anthill Collective & The Mez Cafe /// Twenty-First Birthday, The Mez Cafe /// Show #18, Meddlesome Manor /// HHH, 3 unique shows for the Buffalo Infringement Festival, Soundlab et al, Buffalo, NY /// Show #22, All Tumul’s Parties, Bug Jar /// American Dream, Wilmingtion Fringe Festival, Wilmington, DE /// American Dream, New Orleans Fringe Festival, New Orleans, LA /// American Dream, House of Yes, New York City, NY /// Rochester Ritual, Performance Art Competition, MUCCC /// 2nd Annual Santanalia Pageant [with friends], Boulder Coffee /// 2008 Gas Can Scam, The Mez Cafe & Metropolis Underground, Syracuse, NY /// First Annual Santanalia Celebration, Meddlesome Manor /// Show #8, No Radio Records, Ithaca, NY /// Show #7, Joe+N Day Tour, Cobbs Hill Park /// Show #6, Counterfeit Fest, Rochester Contemporary Art Center /// Shows #5 & #9, Bug Jar /// Show #2, International Noise Conference, Bug Jar /// Shows #1, #3 & #4, Pure Kona, The Mez Cafe ///